Monday, May 23, 2011

Canaan is two!

I cannot believe Canaan is two today! The past two years have gone by so quickly.

We spent the weekend with family in Saint Louis where Canaan got to see Pops, her aunt and uncle, and two cousins. She loved going on a "trip" and riding on an "airpane". She loved the "doggle" and cats we saw as well. She was excited to say "hi kitty cat" and try to kiss them. We visited the zoo one day where she said "roar" many times.

Canaan was super on the four flights we took. Thanks to advice from some facebook friends, I packed snacks and some new activities. Other than my two experiences with a leaking diaper on my leg, the flights were uneventful. During our layover in Denver yesterday, she enjoyed the moving walkway.

A little over 2 weeks ago, we started Canaan on a gluten-free diet. Her diaper rash has been at bay since that time so it seems to be doing the trick. So for her birthday celebration in Saint Louis we purchased a flourless cake from Whole Foods. It was not gluten-free, but it was the only available cake without flour. She didn't eat much but enjoyed the icing. Today I took gluten-free cupcakes for her daycare class. The teacher said the kids liked the cupcakes, but Canaan only ate 2 bites. We gave her another one tonight after dinner. She blew out the candles but did not take a single bite of the cupcake. Unlike her mother, she is not much for sweets.

This evening as we sang "Happy Birthday" to Canaan, she sang along. This is the first time we have heard her sing an entire song with all the words and even close to the tune.

The past two years have gone by incredibly fast. We are so thankful for Canaan and the joy she has brought to our lives. We love you Canaan and look forward to many more birthday celebrations.