Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Canaan

38 Weeks (as of Feb 13, 2010)

Canaan has learned to climb as well as crawl. Daddy took this picture while I was at work one day last week. Canaan has not been allowed up here again. She looks proud of herself, doesn't she?

I can't get enough of this chubbiness. Look at those wrist rolls.

Another fish face. Canaan and Matthew go back-and-forth making fish faces and other noises while Canaan is eating.

As you saw in a previous photo, Canaan has discovered the dvd player and amplifier. She always wants to crawl over to them and try to put knobs in her mouth. She ends up settling for licking the amplifier.

Here she is looking out the back door again.

She doesn't like things on her head, but she wore this bunny hat the other day for quite a while before pulling it off. We were about to take Daddy to the doctor. Whatever nasty sickness he's had, she has managed to avoid so far.

She loves the phone. When one of us is on the phone, she will laugh and squeal. Matthew was using speaker phone this night so we got a photo of her reaction to Nathan talking on the other end.

She still loves Max. She follows him around and pretty much wants to pester the poor guy. He has let her touch his nose the last couple of days. Yesterday she tried to put her mouth on his nose and also on his paw. Here she is playing with his tail.

Last weekend her friend Samuel discovered the front windows. She enjoyed looking out yesterday afternoon.

This is her first baby doll. I bought it before she was born, but we've only gotten it out a couple of times. She wanted to share with Max and enjoyed chewing on her doll.

This week she tried a banana in the mesh bag. That mesh bag is one nasty thing to clean.
Canaan is learning when she gets stuck somewhere to turn around and crawl the other direction. She has not figured out how to back up.
She has learned how to sit from crawling.
She tried to mimick what we are doing with our mouths/sounds.

37 Weeks (as of Feb 6, 2010)

Canaan enjoys pulling up on our back glass door and looking outside. She isn't always sure how to get back on the floor though. There is nothing nearby to grab on her way down.

She started making this fish face. It is so cute! She is also smacking her lips more and clicking her tongue.

At church this week, she was promoted from the cribbers room (her very first room at church) to the crawlers room.

Daddy dressed Canaan for church today. He put her onesie on backwards. His thinking..."Our shirts button in the front." He's right about that. It wasn't any big deal so we just left it backwards all day.

Canaan loves the vacuum cleaner...even when it is on. If she sees it in the room, she will go for it. I wonder if she'll still like it when we make vacuuming one of her chores. Something tells me that won't be the case, but it never hurts to be optimistic.

Another place where Canaan likes to pull up but has trouble getting down from. This is the place I like her to be the least. I did, however, leave her there long enough to get a picture of her.

Canaan attended the first birthday party of her very first friend over the weekend. She got to play with a few friends and play with some toys we don't have at home. She did not take a good nap that day so she went to bed early Saturday night.

Her cooing/talking is getting more complicated, and she's making more sounds. She likes to have a conversation with us. She also likes to sing when we're singing or listening to music.

She is also really intrigued by our mouths and teeth. She has a very serious look when she's inspecting them.

36 Weeks (as of Jan 30, 2010)

  • Matthew has already started working with Canaan on walking while holding his fingers. She does ok, but I think she'd rather be crawling or walking along the couch on her own.

  • She loves to put tags in her mouth. She will stand at her exercauser for a really long time trying to get that tag in her mouth.

  • Her knees have been red from crawling so much.

  • My mom brought this outfit of mine before Canaan was born. I tried it on her this weekend while my parents were in town. I really need to see if I can find a picture of me in that outfit so we can compare Canaan and me. Up close, this outfit is totally 70s. It is blue polyester.

  • I bought this tutu from Etsy several months ago. This was the first time I put it on Canaan. She enjoyed feeling all the layers but did not enjoy trying to stand up with it on. She couldn't see her feet and couldn't tell what she was doing. We'll have to play with this many more times.

  • Now Canaan will stand up in her crib when she wakes up from a nap. It is a bit harder to do when she wakes up in the morning because I still have her in a sleep sack. I don't get to see this often since I am generally at work when she wakes up from a nap. She is very excited to see someone open her door and greets you with a huge smile.

  • She tried avocado for the first time. I put a piece in a mesh bag, and she was able to chew on it. She seemed to like this (it was her first time to use the mesh bag), but she didn't like it as much when I mashed it up and fed it to her from her plate.

  • She got her first bruise this week after falling down at a friend's house.

  • She can walk along the couch while holding on.

  • She is very deliberate in her crawling and pulling up.

  • I got this canvas from Canvas People. They are running a promotion where you can get $55 off an order. I got this 8x10 and only paid the shipping which was a little under $15. The quality is really good. As far as I know, the special is still going on. Check it out here.