Wednesday, February 27, 2013

December 2012

I have got to get better about posting regularly.  I was looking through our photos from December recently and wanted to post some of my favorites.

 Somebody took off walking during December.  Big sister was all too happy to help.  In fact, I think Jude picked it up more quickly because Canaan wanted him to practice so frequently.

 We spent Christmas with family.  I was anxious about flying with both kids, but they were fantastic.  Canaan couldn't be happier when you let her watch something.  And Jude loves to be held so he was just fine sitting on our laps on the airplane.  I was so thankful my worry was for nothing.

 I can't believe Jude is already 1!  I will have to do another post about that.

 While visiting family, we went to see Santa on Christmas Eve.  We didn't talk much about Santa or gifts during the month.  So the day before we went to visit him, we told Canaan she would need to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas.  Matthew asked Canaan what she was going to ask for and she answered, "a bell and a lollipop."  Matthew was so proud.  And that's exactly what she asked for.  I love this picture of her talking to Santa.

 After opening gifts and then the craziness that ensued the rest of Christmas day (with the kids all excited about playing with new things), Jude was completely tuckered out.

 The day after Christmas we were able to get out of the house and spend some time at the Children's Museum.  It was nice to have a different atmosphere and for the kids to expend some energy in a new place.

Before Christmas while my mom was in town, we drove to Leavenworth for the day.  I could not believe the number of people there.  It was a cute little town that I would like to visit again some day.  We walked around for a bit, ate lunch, and got back on the road. 

I've seen photos like this before and wanted to get Canaan's reflection in the ornament this year.  This totally cracked me up.  She can be so fun when she's in a cooperative mood!

Our annual Santa hat photo!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I had so much fun watching the kids with these mustaches!  I got more laughs than I have in a while.  Canaan and Jude had no idea what I was laughing at, but it was hilarious.

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