Sunday, November 27, 2011

36 weeks family pictures

Melinda was gracious to take some pregnancy pictures of us last weekend. It was cold outside so we made it quick. I love the orange leaves that were still around. Fortunately we were able to get some pictures before any meltdown on Canaan's part. We had spent the morning looking at flooring for the house, had a late lunch, and it was way past nap time. These are some of my favorites. Thank you Melinda!

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1st haircut

November 15th I took Canaan to get her first haircut. You can kind of tell from this picture the day before that her hair had gotten a bit stringy. It still was not long but could use a bit of a trim.
We were the only customers in the salon when we went so it was nice to not be rushed and that Canaan could choose the vehicle for her haircut. She chose the red airplane. There was a cartoon on a tv in front of her and she picked some toys to play with. She did a great job!

The hair clip didn't last long, I don't think it even stayed in until we got to the car. Surely by the time she's 3 her hair will have grown more, right?

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

New House

We were supposed to close on our house Friday October 28th. Due to issues with our sellers and our lender not having their act together, it did not happen until Tuesday November 1st. We didn't get the key until Thursday the 3rd.

Saturday we met with a general contractor to discuss some things we'd like to have done before moving in. We are waiting to get an estimate from him. We were hoping we'd be able to have everything complete and move in before December 1st...hoping that would give us time to unpack and decorate a bit before Baby Boy arrives (due December 18th).

In the listing, the sellers said they would be painting the exterior of the house. It was a very neutral gray color. The painter contacted us to see if we would like to pick the colors before he painted. It was not easy, but we picked a blue color. Every house in the neighborhood is very neutral and with the dreary weather we wanted something that would pop a bit. I really like how it turned out.

One of my favorite things about the house is the deck in the back and the slide coming off the deck. Canaan has already been enjoying this when we've been over at the house. The slide needs a bit of wax to make sliding down it a little easier.


Canaan had a Halloween party at daycare on Halloween. I left work early so I could go see her party and take some pictures. As soon as I got there, she threw her plate of snacks away and was ready to leave. She got upset at me when I told her we were staying for her party. She finally got over it and we stayed for about an hour. This is Canaan being unhappy with me.

After Matthew got home, we met Melinda and her kiddos at a local mall for trick-or-treating. They even had a band playing live music. We got a short video of Canaan dancing which was really funny. It was great to have the mall to go to for our first trick-or-treating experience. With all the small children and their parents, it was crazy! Canaan enjoyed asking for candy and seeing it in her pumpkin. Thankfully she did not end up with a large amount of candy. She has tried several things and not liked much so far. I think the only thing she has really eaten was some Sweetarts. She did not really understand what to do with a sucker. And she does not like the chocolate at all. Maybe next year, we'll just stay home and hand out candy.