Monday, July 29, 2013

2 weeks in Texas (part three)

We went swimming.  I took Canaan a couple of times, but Jude only went once.

Canaan learned about Nerf guns.

Canaan tried on some of my dance costumes from ballet, tap & jazz. 

The horse was a big hit.

And the real horse was an even bigger hit.  Canaan talked a lot about wanting to ride Marvin's horses.  I don't think Jude knew what to think about it all. 

We drove to New Mexico the day before our plane left for Washington.  We made a quick visit to the aquarium & botanical garden.

Jude & Canaan both enjoyed spending a night in the hotel.  There were loads of new things to explore.

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for a fun two weeks!  And now we're thankful to be home with Daddy!
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2 weeks in Texas (part two)

Canaan got her wish...she was able to use the umbrella one more time in Texas.

Jude & Canaan enjoyed playing golf in the backyard.

Canaan probably gave Grandma & Grandpa a whole new crop of dandelions after blowing the seeds off this one.

The hammock was more fun!

We went to the Discovery Center.  I was a bit disappointed with this.  It was a little old for my kids, I thought. 

Canaan climbed a tree. 

We fed the ducks at Medi Park.  We apparently went too close to lunch time & had't yet had a snack.  The kids may have eaten more bread than they fed to the ducks. 

We went to Wonderland Park once the cousins came to town!  Canaan LOVED this & didn't want to leave.  We will definitely have to visit again next time we're in town.

Jude was not as amused by the amusement park.  He was only big enough to ride a couple of things with Mom.
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2 weeks in Texas (part one)

While Daddy was working away, Grandma & Grandpa flew the rest of us to Texas to spend a couple of weeks at their house.  Here are just a few of the 500+ photos I took while we were there.

Here, Jude is thankful to finally be at Grandma & Grandpa's house after a flight to New Mexico and then a long drive to Texas.

We went to the local library to see this display of trains representing different trains important in US history. 

The weather was warm at the beginning of our visit & we played outside in the swimming pool.

Jude really enjoyed this Spider Man chair Grandma found.  It was the perfect size for sitting in as well as carrying around and wrestling with.

Canaan enjoyed filling the bird feeder with bird seed and watching the finches that would come to eat. 

Canaan wore her very first ponytail.

Canaan & Jude both enjoyed riding the golf cart for various tasks around the house.

The wind blew!  Look at that flag!

Canaan & Jude enjoyed riding on Grandma's gardening cart. 

The hammock was a hit.

We went to Grandma & Grandpa's church one morning to play. 

It rained!  This was the kids' first time to use an umbrella.  Canaan wanted to take it with us everywhere after this in case it rained.  She wanted to use that umbrella again!

We went to the local library to pet this snake.  Canaan asked if she could hold it but was told "no."

We went to Jump 'N Jive.

To be continued.