Monday, June 3, 2013

Swimming lessons

Canaan started swimming lessons today.  She was so excited about swimming though it will be a while before she is actually swimming.  We will be at the pool for the next four weeks in lessons.  She loves the water so much.  My hope is that she will get more comfortable with water in her face.

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Super kids

On a recent trip to the store, I was looking for some larger pjs for Jude as he is outgrowing the footed pjs we currently have.  Canaan saw these Superman pajamas and talked me into getting them for her.  Of course, they are currently her favorite pair of pjs to wear.  And now we have our very own super heroes!

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Around the yard

The only other place Matthew and I ever tried to grow anything was our house in Colorado.  We started from scratch there and had a hard time.

Our yard here in Washington was well established before we purchased our home.  Things seem to grow very well here.  Here are some things we are enjoying in our front and back yards.

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Canaan's 4th birthday

Just like every birthday before, I cannot believe Canaan is now four!

I, of course, waited until the day before her birthday to figure out how to decorate.  I blew up 40 balloons for Canaan to walk through when she came out of her bedroom.

Canaan asked for a white cake.  When Matthew or I suggested adding some kind of fruit in between the layers, Canaan insisted that she just wanted a white cake.  So that's what she got!  It isn't beautiful, but it tasted good.

This is Canaan's piece of cake.  That is all she ate of it!

This girl was so happy to be celebrating her birthday.

I know it's fuzzy, but I like this picture of her and Max.

All Canaan asked for was a white cake, a daddy doll, and some tools so she could work with Daddy in the garage.  None of us (even Canaan) knows what a daddy doll is.  I looked for a male doll but couldn't find anything.  If you have any suggestions, I will gladly take them.  Matthew bought her a set of tools.  She has already used the hammer and saw.  She is anxious to build her own work bench with Daddy.
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