Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This girl at 2

> loves bubbles of all kinds – wants to blow bubbles, wants to have bubbles in her bath, wants to wash her hands with bubbles

> likes to sing and sometimes surprises me with the words she knows to different songs

> wants to talk on and play with our cell phones (we don’t have a home phone)

> has been doing well on her gluten-free diet – there have been a few instances of her eating something she shouldn’t, but she’s been a trooper and her tummy and bottom are better for it

> wants to play and be outside all the time

> loves to eat fruit

> likes to feed Max, give him treats, and try to throw his ball – and has covered him up with her blanket when she thinks he’s taking a nap

> likes to go (as in leave the house)

> likes to have pigtails in her hair (her daycare teacher puts them in her hair almost daily), Matthew calls them pig knobs because they’re so short

> points out any airplane or helicopter she sees and hears by yelling “airpane!”

> really enjoyed singing “Happy Birthday” the couple of weeks around her birthday and still sings it to herself and us

> likes to give kisses to both people, animals, and inanimate objects alike

> will now say “cheese” for pictures and sometimes smiles at just the right time

> likes animals and always wants to pet them at the zoo, a squirrel, a bird, etc

> has a lot of personality and good facial expressions

> is happy to begin the day – a good sleeper and a good napper

> enjoys about a dozen nursery rhyme readers I bought several months ago – can recite a few of the stores, says “oh no!” when Humpty Dumpty falls or Little Miss Muffet gets frightened, says “ouchie!” when Jack and Jill fall down the hill

> can count to 10 but often leaves out 6 and 7

> knows most of her letter and words that start with some letters – H to O are often left out

> will watch us to see if we notice she’s doing something wrong – if we’re watching, she’ll sweetly say “hi” or give us a big smile

> “no poop” – has started excitedly saying this when she gets her diaper changed, I think it started during a nasty diaper rash

> “my turn now” – we hear this a lot! She doesn’t understand giving other people a turn quite yet.

> is wearing size 6 Huggies Little Movers (I don’t think there are any bigger sizes)

> remembers old "owies" and still talks about how she got them and wants to put ice on them

> she will be a BIG SISTER in December!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

1st Picnic of the Summer

We had beautiful weather last weekend. It was sunny and in the 70s. So we drove out to Mount Si Park and had a picnic. We got there around 1 pm, and we were the only people in the park. We picked a spot in some shade. The only thing I forgot were the blankets I had put on the couch. We had a couple of towels in the back of the car that were big enough for sitting on. We lounged around, Canaan blew bubbles, and Max played fetch. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Another birthday celebration

A few days after we got home from our trip to St Louis, my parents came out to celebrate Canaan's 2nd birthday. They stayed with Canaan a couple of days while we worked.

Then on Saturday, we got up early to ride a ferry to one of the San Juan Islands. We intended to go to Friday Harbor, but we missed the ferry. So we went to Orcas Island. We drove to the highest point on the island and had a beautiful view. It was a long day, but a beautiful day.

On Sunday night we celebrated Canaan's birthday with another flourless cake. I don't think Canaan ate even a bite of her cake. She enjoyed blowing out the candles and singing "Happy Birthday". The cake was so rich, I don't think any of us ate much of it. In fact, we just took it to a party this weekend to get rid of the last of it.

Before leaving Texas, Mom ordered an ice cream maker for us. It arrived days before they left so we made some vanilla ice cream. It is an electric ice cream maker and very easy to use. We enjoyed the ice cream and tonight tried our hand at chocolate ice cream. I have a feeling we'll be enjoying this all summer.