Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 2014

It was only a matter of time... Max waited almost a month before finding relief from the heat in the new pool.

We have spiders all over the place here.  It is amazing how quickly they build these webs between objects...especially objects that seem too far from each other.  While I don't like the spiders, I think their webs are pretty incredible.  I'm especially thankful when they're outside rather than in the house.

One Sunday afternoon we went to the park to let Max and Canaan swim.  Jude preferred to play on the playground rather than in the water.

We joined some friends to pick blackberries and pickling cucumbers one morning.  Canaan picked the largest cucumber of our group.  I ended up with 4 jars of pickles.  We have to wait a couple more weeks before we can give them a try.  It was a fun day!

I thought the flowers in our friend's yard were so pretty.  And of course, they could only be improved by Canaan standing in front of them for a picture.  She was kind enough to stop playing for a few seconds for this picture.

The next day we met one of Canaan's preschool friends and her family at the zoo.  It is always more fun to visit the zoo with friends.  Jude and Canaan both had a great time!

I found some new rain boots at Costco so Canaan decided she should try them on.  Bring on the rain!  I may not be mentally ready for the rainy season, but at least now I have some cute rain boots.

Silly kiddos riding their plasma cars

Canaan found another tiny cricket.  I have no idea how she even sees these things outside.

Canaan has been asking Jude to sleep in her bed with her.  I was afraid to let this happen because I thought they would play instead of sleep.  Jude has not been taking a nap very often so they are generally tired enough to go to sleep quickly.  It is so sweet to look in on them after they are sleeping.  I love it!

Pretty much every time Jude plays with his Little People, he puts them into some structured formation like this.

Matthew has been thinning out the juniper bushes in our front yard.  Canaan always wants to help whether it's raking, carrying piles, or anything else.  The yard is looking much better these days.

We met some friends at the Evergreen State Fair.  Canaan and Jude loved the animals.  We got to see three different litters of piglets that were days old.  We ate some expensive fair food and then tried to ride a few things.  The kids were only big enough for the carousel.

Our next adventure was a Saturday spent at the river.  The water was cold but fun to play in.  The sun was so good for us.

Max turned 7!  The kids and I made him some pumpkin treats.  While they were in the oven, Matthew said, "I know those are dog treats, but they smell so good."  Canaan replied, "They are good.  I ate one."  So funny!

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to the drive-in movie.  This was a first for all of us.  We took Max with us because we would be away from the house for a long time.  So before the theater opened, we stopped at a park to let Max get some exercise.  We all enjoyed exploring the beach.  The kids loved climbing on this tree.

Sunday afternoon we visited some friends from church.  Canaan and Jude had a blast on the trampoline.