Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend in review

This guy is still doing a lot of sleeping. I can't remember when this stage ends so I'm trying to enjoy being able to get some things done while he's sleeping. I am also enjoying watching him sleep and holding him a lot. I know the day will come when he's too busy to cuddle with me so I'm especially enjoying holding him.

When we ventured out this weekend, we bought Canaan her first board game...Chutes and Ladders. I have to say it was a bit frustrating trying to play with her. She was excited about the game, but she was not able to sit still to play it. She was running around and wanting to move the board pieces all over the place. She did enjoy spinning when it was her turn and she remembered whose turn it was each time. I think she'll figure it all out as we continue to play with her.

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Snow Days

Last week we had a pretty big snow storm. Around here it was called Snowmageddon since we don't get much snow. Daycare was only open 1/2 of one day so we were "stuck" at home for much of the week. We played in the snow some, but Canaan lost interest pretty quickly each time. Every time we went outside, Canaan wanted to eat the snow. We made sure she knew to only eat the really white snow. When we asked her if she understood, she told us not to eat the red, blue, or yellow snow. At least she remembered the part about the yellow snow. There were parts of our yard/deck that had around 8 inches of snow. Unlike many in the Seattle area, we never lost power. We were thankful for that but did get a little cabin fever before the week was over.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jude Elias

Jude Elias was born December 7, 2011. I left work at 4:30 that afternoon thinking that I may be experiencing labor pain. When Matthew got home around 6 pm, I told him we needed to call the Bells to pick up Canaan and get to the hospital. We made it to the hospital a little after 7 pm and Jude was born at 9:05 pm. He definitely came faster than I expected, but it was nice to have such short labor. He was 6 pounds 8 ounces, 19.2 inches, and his head was around 13 centimeters. We had not yet picked a name but decided on one right before we left the hospital the following day.

Canaan has adjusted pretty well to being a big sister. She doesn't pay a lot of attention to Jude unless he's getting his diaper changed. She always wants to see his poopy diapers. She definitely notices the change in the attention shes getting so we're working through that.

my 39 week photo

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It felt like a rushed Christmas season with a new baby and moving into our new house. But it has been a sweet time for our family. I look forward to a slower paced holiday season next year!