Monday, April 22, 2013

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Today we joined some dear friends for a day of fun!  We drove a bit North to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

We began our adventure with a stop for some ice cream.  The place calls this "immodest ice cream" because the serving is so big!  Canaan, Jude, and I barely finished this...but we did it!  It was a yummy start to our day.

I didn't let poor Jude out of the stroller while we were at the tulip field.  He was a great sport and didn't complain a bit.

I am surprised every time how hard it is to get a good picture of Canaan and Jude together.  This was the best one today.  I'll take it!

You would not believe how many tulips there are out here.  There are several fields that are just HUGE!

After seeing the tulips, we found a park and stopped for a picnic.  We also pulled out these glasses for some photos.  Jude was not interested at all.  As soon as they hit his face, he took them off.

Canaan, on the other hand, thought they were funny.


The weather was gorgeous, and the sun did us all some good.  We got home just in time to eat dinner with Daddy.  This was such a fun day!!
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Snow in March

We had snow off and on March 22nd.  It was just about the most snow we've had this year...not much at all.  Canaan was so excited during breakfast.  She could not wait to get outside so she could eat the snow.  You can see that we barely had any, but I told her she could eat it.  She took a bowl outside so she could bring it in since it was so cold outside.  I told her she needed to share with Jude so she brought him his own bowl.  You can see that he wasn't sure about this really cold stuff.  By the end of the day, the sun was out and the snow was gone.  It was fun while it lasted!

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Easter 2013

He is risen!

We had a beautiful Easter!  The weather was fantastic.  Instead of Sunday School, we had a Resurrection Breakfast at church.  We had quiet a bit of time between breakfast and the worship service, so we took some family pictures.  These are my favorites!


After church we went to our pastor's house along with 6 other families.  We had a picnic in their backyard.  Then the kids had an Easter egg hunt.  I think there were a total of 400 eggs.  Rather than candy, several people filled the eggs with money so Canaan ended up with over $6 in nickels, dimes, and quarters.


Once Matthew showed Jude to pick up the eggs and put them in his basket, Jude just started picking up everything to put in his basket.  He ended up with a shoe and two pine cones before he decided he was finished with this activity.

There was a play scape in the backyard that the kids enjoyed swinging and sliding on.  Jude figured out how to climb all the way up this ladder.  Am I the only mom that really hates this?  I feel he is too young because he has no understanding of how far that would be to fall.  It kept him entertained far too long.

It was a full and fabulous day.  We got home around 5 pm.
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Shaving cream

I have been trying to do more sensory activities with the kids.  It is hard to find things I can do with both kids because Jude puts everything in his mouth.  On this particular day, we played with shaving cream in the bathtub.  It seemed like the least messy place to play.

Canaan loved it and has been asking to do it almost every day since then.  Jude just wanted to take a bath and play with the bath toys.  So we did some of both.

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Sidewalk chalk

We've had some beautiful sunny days recently and have been trying to spend time outside enjoying it.  We pulled out the sidewalk chalk for the first time.  That stuff is messy!  Canaan enjoys drawing and also telling me what to draw.  And Jude enjoys throwing the chalk down and watching it break.  Boys!  On this particular day we also enjoyed our afternoon snack outside.

In case you think this boy is all smiles, here is proof that in fact he does get fussy.
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