Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jude's 2nd birthday

Jude turned 2 December 7th!  Here are some pictures from his birthday celebration.  I finally decided on a theme for his birthday the day before so I got to work after he went to bed.  Some of his favorite toys are his Superhero Little People.  So I took some pictures from the box they came in to make a banner.  He loved it and pointed to the different super heroes all day.  My scrapbook paper stash also came in handy for adding some items to his birthday cake.  We all wore superhero shirts to celebrate as well.  What a fun day to celebrate a fun boy!

At two, Jude is awesome!  He talks all the time though we only understand maybe a dozen words.  He loves his superheroes, building with blocks, putting the Duplo Legos together, eating, drinking milk, playing with Canaan and Daddy, and following Canaan around.  His favorite book is still "If You're Happy and You Know It - Jungle Edition".  He loves sitting in a lap and reading books.  And he is always running or galloping to his destination.  What a fun and sweet boy!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

2 weeks in Texas (part three)

We went swimming.  I took Canaan a couple of times, but Jude only went once.

Canaan learned about Nerf guns.

Canaan tried on some of my dance costumes from ballet, tap & jazz. 

The horse was a big hit.

And the real horse was an even bigger hit.  Canaan talked a lot about wanting to ride Marvin's horses.  I don't think Jude knew what to think about it all. 

We drove to New Mexico the day before our plane left for Washington.  We made a quick visit to the aquarium & botanical garden.

Jude & Canaan both enjoyed spending a night in the hotel.  There were loads of new things to explore.

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for a fun two weeks!  And now we're thankful to be home with Daddy!
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2 weeks in Texas (part two)

Canaan got her wish...she was able to use the umbrella one more time in Texas.

Jude & Canaan enjoyed playing golf in the backyard.

Canaan probably gave Grandma & Grandpa a whole new crop of dandelions after blowing the seeds off this one.

The hammock was more fun!

We went to the Discovery Center.  I was a bit disappointed with this.  It was a little old for my kids, I thought. 

Canaan climbed a tree. 

We fed the ducks at Medi Park.  We apparently went too close to lunch time & had't yet had a snack.  The kids may have eaten more bread than they fed to the ducks. 

We went to Wonderland Park once the cousins came to town!  Canaan LOVED this & didn't want to leave.  We will definitely have to visit again next time we're in town.

Jude was not as amused by the amusement park.  He was only big enough to ride a couple of things with Mom.
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