Saturday, April 21, 2012

the Tulip Festival

We drove to the tulip festival today. It takes place each year during the month of April. I have wanted to see the tulips since I saw Melinda's photos several years ago. Today was our last chance to go this year so Matthew loaded up the car with strollers and a picnic lunch while I got ready this morning. We got a late start and sat in a lot of traffic but really enjoyed our day outside once we got to the tulip farms. The flowers were beautiful!
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After visiting the tulip farm, we drove to the water (not sure if it was the sound or the ocean) and had a picnic lunch at Seafarers' Memorial Park in Anacortes. By that time, the sun went behind the clouds, but we still enjoyed spending the day outside. We saw boats, saw some kids having model sailboat races, had a view of the mountains, and Matthew taught Canaan how to throw rocks into the water.