Friday, July 6, 2012

Sibling LOVE

Yesterday I was taking Jude's picture with his stuffed monkey.  I take pictures of him weekly with the monkey so we can look back and see how he's grown.  I am sure it is overkill, but I have a neat flip book of weekly pictures of Canaan with a bunny her grandmother bought her.

When I was taking Jude's picture, Canaan came over and wanted to get in the pictures with Jude.  So I asked her to sit in the chair on her bottom and the sequence below is what I captured with my camera.  The quality of the photos is not great, but I love what I captured here.  Jude is so interested in Canaan.  As soon as he hears her voice, he starts looking for her.  Canaan is really sweet to Jude.  If he starts fussing or crying, she will start singing "Jesus Loves Me" to him.  When we're driving in the car, she will dangle his toys in front of him so he can grab them.  And she talks to him in a high-pitched voice and says "hey buddy."

I have a feeling these will always be some of my favorite pictures of Canaan and Jude together.


The best nickname we've come up with for Jude is "Smiley".  He is seriously smiling all the time (well, when he's not upset about having a dirty/wet diaper, being tired, or being hungry).  Here's a few smiles from this past week.