Friday, January 2, 2015

September 2014

Here is September in a nutshell.

We visited the local locks on this beautiful sunny day.  It was really fascinating to see the system at work and also get to see salmon swimming upstream.  The kids especially enjoyed seeing the boats.

Jude and Canaan blowing kisses to wish GrandMarj a happy birthday.

Canaan loves to make crafts so this particular day we made crowns.  Both kids love to use scissors and glue (and paint, but we didn't paint this day).

The kids also love to climb which we did at a school park one afternoon.

Matthew's company had an end of the summer picnic at a local park.  We enjoyed face paint and games.  Canaan really enjoyed the 3 legged race and tug of war.  The picnic was at a park really close to our home so we went back later in the day to play with Max and let the kids play in the water.

A field trip to a local farm that makes all things apple - fruit leather, apple cider, etc.

When we were getting into the car, I found this grasshopper.  Canaan took it home with us.

Today we tried to welcome Daddy home from work with water balloons.  Unfortunately, Canaan couldn't get them to bust on Matthew and ended up on the wet side of things.  She had a good time though and both kids enjoyed the blue Jello.

Our second camping trip of the summer...the weather was perfect and we had a great weekend.

Canaan's first day of kindergarten

Having some fun with paint...the kids LOVED this activity!

Making apple pie with friends

Canaan's writing practice

Making morning glory muffins with friends (Canaan was wearing an apron but when she cracked an egg, it went between her shirt and her apron.)

Another bug found outside

"Mom, take a picture of me and Max."

 At the zoo, the kids got to feed a couple of giraffes.

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